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Custom Company
The Advertising Agencies’ Partner in Custom Awards and Gifts

Custom Company helps in supporting the advertising agencies in the production as well as designing of all customized awards and gifts. Our strength is in being wholly customer oriented. To begin with, we want to know the actual needs and the time frames as well as budgets of our clients to have the customized gifts and awards created. We will provide the best solutions to our clients on the basis of our knowledge, experience and our network of quality suppliers.


We will support you, as a client, during the entire process of creation by offering

•    Swift information – Within a span of forty eight hours, we will keep you informed on the materials and the techniques which can be employed and will appraise you on their relative benefits and disadvantages. If designing is required, you will also receive a quotation from us.
•    Designing – Our capable team will create a design on the basis of what we shall create.
•    Sampling – We will offer you samples at very low cost and may offer you them even free of charge.
•    Production – The process of production will be outsourced by us to the finest suppliers in this field. We make sure that we take full care and control of schedule and quality.
•    Transportation – We always look for the best ways to transport your goods and take the delivery time and transporting costs into consideration.


Materials that can be used in the making of Gifts/Awards
It is interesting to note that the corporate awards and gifts could be made from:-

•    Acrylic
•    Crystal
•    Glass
•    Metal
•    Stone
•    Wood
•    Silver & Gold
•    Inexpensive Material such as plastic

Techniques Employed
You will have an option to select from among different techniques that can be sued while making your customized corporate awards and gifts.
We can advise you and help you in the process of creating such gifts and awards
by guiding you to select the appropriate technique so that both your budgetary limits and your expectations are met. The key techniques while making such items are casting, CNC cutting, 3D printing, imprinting and laser engraving.


Our Strengths
Our biggest strength is in understanding and being aware of your needs and purpose for creating corporate awards and gifts and customizing their production in a way that will suit your desires. We respect your vision on how you would like the items created. It could be general or specific in its scope. Once we know your exact needs and purpose of creation, we use our valuable knowledge and experience in realizing the projects with the help of the finest network available in the industry. We are perhaps the best solution for your corporate awards and gifts’ production within your set time frame.


Contact Details
If you need more information on corporate awards and gifts, you may please contact us at info@custom-company.nl or call us on +31(0)78 8200 253 and our team will be glad to be of assistance to you.