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You can create unique and unforgettable awards and trophies with 3D printing.

How we can help  with your 3D printing projects

With 3D printing unique and unforgettable  awards and gifts can be created. We can support you during  this process or do the whole 3D project for you. The following services we can offer you:

  • Creating a 3D computer model
  • Choose the right 3D printer and material
  • Finish the 3D print with base, personalization and packaging
  • Look for alternatives for 3D printing

What is 3D printing?
3D printing is a process where an object is build layer by layer with a 3d printer. Almost  every shape is possible. The process of 3D printing starts with creating a 3D computer model. The 3D printer prints the objects according to the 3D file. Other names of 3D printing are Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing.

3D printers
There are different kinds of 3D printers on the market and the innovation of these printers is very fast. The most important features for awards and gifts are the materials which can be printed, possibility of color, details and the speed. We can support you in creating  your 3D prints with the right 3D printer.

3D printed awards and corporate gifts
We are specialized in creating awards and corporate gifts with 3D printing. This requires specific knowledge of 3D printers, the materials, finishing and packaging. We also check if there are better or cheaper alternatives for 3D printing.

Materials used for 3D printing
The first 3D printers were only able to print plastic (ABS, PLA) but now more materials  like stainless steel, silver, ceramics and glass can be printed as well.

Finishing of 3D prints
We also take care that the 3D prints are finished perfectly. For example with a base, transparent display, personalization and packaging.

Alternatives for 3D printing
There are also alternatives for 3D printing which can have a better result or are cheaper:

  • Mold production
    3D products can be made with mold as well. This can be done with different materials. The result is often better than 3D printing. The mold production is often used to create miniatures  and statues. This technique  is mainly used for higher  volumes because of the high initial costs.
  • 3D laser engraving in glass
    With this technique a glass sculpture is 3D marked inside l by a 3D laser machine.  Just like 3d printing this is done using a 3D computer model. The result is that  a 3D image in white / grey color is created inside glass.
    Compared with 3D printing this technique is more affordable.
  • CNC cutting
    By this technique a piece of material is cut by a machine so there remains a shape. It can be compared with the work of a sculptor. Because of this the shape has his limits.

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