Acrylic Embedments

Acrylic / lucite embedments   are perfect creations to have your unique awards or corporate gifts.

What are acrylic / lucite embedments?

These are special items  where objects are melted into acrylic / lucite sculptures. This is done in a very special process. The result is that inside an acrylic /  lucite objects an object is floating.  On the surface (almost) nothing  is marked.

Which object scan be embedded?
Generally all object which can resist heat of + 90 degrees Celsius can be embedded inside acrylic / lucite. Objects which are painted need to be tested first.
Some objects require a special treatment before they can be embedded.

Extra’s on acrylic / lucite embedments
Besides embedding the objects we also provide the following services:
- Printing, on surface an inside acrylic;
- Engraving, engraving (and coloring) text or logo on surface;
- Supply gift boxes

Do you want more information about acrylic / lucite embedments?
Please contact you and we will assist you:
Phone:                 + 31 (0)78 – 8200 253
E-mail                  info@custom-company.nl

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