Awards and gift scan be created by casting. This process starts with creating D model followed by a mold. Casting is used for high volume productions of acrylic, glass or metal.

How is casting done?
First a 3D model is created. This model is used to make a mold by a CNC machine. When the mold is ready the casting process can start.
The advantage of casting is that items with small details can be made, the production is fast with relative low costs. The initial costs are high so this way of production is mainly interesting for high volumes.

How is casting used to create awards and corporate gifts?
Casting is mainly used to create objects with relief or which are 3D. The materials which can be used are acrylic, glass and metal.

What items are made with casting?
We mainly use casting to produce:

  • 3D awards
  • Metal sculptures
  • Medals and challenge coins

The materials which can be used are:

  • Acryl
  • Glass
  • Metal (aluminum, zinc, brass etc)

Do you want more information about casting?
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