CNC cutting

What is CNC cutting?
CNC stands for computer numerical control. A 3D file is converted by a cutting machine into numbers (x,y,z-axis) to cut an object flat or in 3D.

How the CNC cutting technique can be used to create awards and corporate gifts?
With CNC beutiful (prts of) awards and gift scan be made. CNC offers the following:

  • Flat cutting of objects
    Logo’s and symbols can be cut out of different materials.  Laser and water cutting are common used to do this. We often use this technique to make logo’s or symbols ans place these on bases to create nice awards.
  • Reliefs in objects
    CNC makes it possible to cut in relief. Often his is used in wood productions.
  • 3D sculptures
    The latest CNC machines make it possible to make sculptures. These machines can be seen as sculptors.  Different ,aterials can be used like foam, wood, marble, aluminum and titanium. This is used to create real exclusive objects.

Materials which can be used with CNC:

  • Acryl
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Metals

Do you want more information about objects made with CNC
Please contact you and we will assist you:
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E-mail                  info@custom-company.nl

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