Cufflinks & Tie clips
In our collection you can find beautiful cufflinsk and tie clips which can be engraved with your logo. We have real silver cufflinks and silver and gold plated ones.

Custom cufflinks
We are able to make custom cufflinks and tie clips as well. The possibilities are almost unlimited. For example we can make the shape as you desire, color them ,use 3d effect or epoxy. You can also have the cufflinks made in de material you like.

Used materials in our cufflinks and cufflinks
Quality metals are used in our cufflinks and they can be plated in bronze, copper, silver or golden color. We are also able to deliver cufflinks made of real sterling silver or gold. In some productions we also used other materials like wood, stone and crystal.

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Product 1 to 20 (of 20 products) Result:1