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Custom Challenge Coins
You will have the perfect gifts with our custom coins! They have a good presence and are affordable.
The coins can be fully custom made matching your desires. Your logo, object or message can be beautiful placed on the coins. This can be done with 3d effect, coloring and/or laser engraving. The available colors are copper, bronze, silver and gold. For perfect presentation the coins can come with gift boxes or coin-cards.

Sizes of our challenge coins
You are free to choose the size and shape of the challenge coins. We can produce them in a diameter from 10mm up to 140mm. The most sold sizes are 40x3mm and 50x3mm.

Personalization challenge coins
Our coins can be personalized using different techniques. The surface can be made in 3d, they can be painted in almost every color and / or they can be laser engraved. Laser engraving is often used to place individual names or numbers on the coins.
The shape of the coins can also be made based on your desires, so they don't have to be round.

Material challenge coins
Our standard coins are made of brass or zinc alloy and are finished with copper, bronze, silver or gold color.  We are also able to supply coins in cheaper metals like iron and aluminum or real silver or gold ones.

Do you have any questions about our challenge coins?
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Tel:                +31(0)78-8200253
E-mail:           info@custom-company.nl

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