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Paperweights round top
These cube shaped paperweighs come in the following sizes:
- 50x50x80mm
- 60x60x100mm
The most suitable size for paperweights is 50x50x80mm. Also these items can be made in bigger sizes to have nice awards.
For personalisation we can make an engraving / print as well on the surface as in the inside.

Paperweights are used on the desk and placed on papers to keep them in place. As a corporate gift the paperweight is a very popular item, this because of it’s function and price. Our paperweights are of good quality and not to big so they can easy fit in a drawer. We can also make the paperweights fully custom made with using material and shape you want to have.

Materials of the paperweights
Our collection exists of paperweights with different materials like acrylic, metal, stone and wood. You can also choose from different standard shapes of the paperweights. You will always find the paperweight which meet your needs.

Custom paperweight
Are you looking for a real unique gift? We can make paperweight fully custom made based on your need or design. We offer different materials and we use different techniques to realize custom paperweight projects.

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Phone:  +31 (0)78 8200 253
E-mail:  info@custom-company.nl

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