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Do you want to have your own custom made / bespoke corporate awards?
We can almost realize any corporate gift project This because of our experience, knowledge and a perfect network of suppliers. The first step in creating custom  / bespoke awards  is listen from you what your desires are. This can be detailed concept or general ideas or desires which you have. Next step is that we send you proposals based on your desires and budget followed by the corporate awards production.

Corporate awards materials
You can have corporate awards created out of acrylic, metal, stone and wood. Also we offer cheaper solutions like plastic and more expensive solutions like silver and gold.

Corporate awards  techniques
We also offer a variety of techniques which can be used to realize your project. Some important techniques are 3d printing, mold production, cutting, laser engraving and printing.

What information do you need to send us?
We need the following information to give you advise and price:

  • Description or concept of the corporate awards
    We want to have information about the shape, size,  design, material and inscriptions.
  • Your desires
    If you don’t have an exact idea what you are looking for you can give us information about your desires. We will send you proposals based om this.

To give you proper proposals  we need to now what the quantity and the budget is.

Do you want more information about custom corporate awards? Please contact us and we will help you!
E-mail:  info@custom-company.nl
Tel:       +31 (0)78 8200 253

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