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Acrylic material is often used to create corporate gifts and awards. The advantage of acrylic  is that it it is easy to work with, the availability of different colors and it is light. By using techniques beautiful gifts and awards can be created.

Acrylic corporate gifts and awards
You can have your acrylic gifts and awards made by us. You can select items from our collection or have them custom made. On the bottom of this page you can find some samples.

Different techniques can be used to create beautiful acrylic gifts and awards. Here you can find information about some important techniques:

  • Acrylic embedments
    By using this technique object can be molded inside acrylic objects. Nothing wil be shown on the acrylic surface. This is often used to create paperweight or awards.
  • Watercutting
    An acrylic plate can be cut in a shape using watercutting technique. The thickness can be up to 4cm. This is ideal to cut logos, signs or an objects. This is often used to develop awards.
  • Printing on acrylic
    Acrylic can be beautiful printed, this can be in black/white and also full color. Awards can
  • Model and products
    It is possible to have objects made from acrylic by using a mold. This can be model (like car, building) or daily use items.

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Beneath you can find samples of custom productions and standard items from our collection.

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