Metal Corporate Gifts & Awards
Metal is overall the best material to create custom gifts & awards, The reason is that there is a variety of different quality metals and it is easy to create custom shapes with metal. Also the finishing and appearance of metal is beautiful.

Most popular metal items
The following metal items are most popular:

  • Coins and medals
    Coins and medals are the most popular . These items can be purchased for a relative low price and with a great look and feel.
  • Model
    Beautiful models can be created with metal. The items are very popular in the automotive and marine sector.
  • Statues
    Also metal statues can be created. The used material van be the affordable ones like pewter and zinc and also more expensive ones like bronze and silver.
  • Awards
    Metal awards are the last 5 years very popular. This because they an be created in beautiful shapes and they look very beautiful at award ceremonies.

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